Slide In-house Legal Departments GCSolutions can help with all of your day-to-day corporate needs, from interfacing with business teams for routine questions to reviewing/drafting commercial contracts and policies and procedures.

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Slide Small & Medium-Sized
For all those “quick questions” that bog your workday down to larger projects, use GCSolutions as your in-house legal department or assist your existing in-house team, eliminating the need for new hires or the higher cost associated with using traditional outside counsel. read more
Slide Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups You need talented advisors by your side that can help you grow and evolve your business, not just provide knowledge of the law. GCSolutions offers an alternative platform for legal services that allow you to grow with confidence. read more

In-house Legal Departments

We can support legal departments of all sizes on large-scale or systemic projects, such as due diligence, contract templates and contract lifecycle management, or even on-site or remote secondments during staffing shortages. In-house experience that fits your budget means you won’t miss a beat.

Small & Medium-Sized Companies

GCSolutions can help with all of your day-to-day, routine corporate work, from commercial contracts to those corner-of-the-desk projects that are waiting for your “spare time.”  Let us provide the right resource at the right price.

Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Since entrepreneurs and start-up companies need agility and strong advisors, GCSolutions is designed to provide flexible legal services with flexible fee arrangements, without compromising quality. Our experienced GCSolutions team of former in-house and Big Law attorneys is here to help you each step of the way.