Corporate Law Department

Corporate legal departments use GCSolutions to address daily operational needs that stall the department’s momentum and expose the company to risk. Our on-demand, scalable services allow legal departments to “surge up” only while there is a need, eliminating concerns about increasing headcount, experimenting with untested vendors, and the costliness of traditional outside counsel.

From interfacing with business leaders for routine questions to handling customized, high-volume projects, GCSolutions configures to your specific circumstances and workload. We stand ready to efficiently provide the legal support and capacity you and your clients need.

On-Demand, Scalable Services

Examples of GCSolutions services may include:

Typical business operations support
Legal Services at Scale
Law Department Design & Consulting
Purchase / Sale Agreements High-volume Due Diligence Projects and Support Document Retention Policies and Schedules
Employee Hiring / Termination Agreements High-volume Contract Review Projects and Support Creation of Standardized Templates (with guidelines, parameters, and review)
Leases / Rental Agreements Contract Lifecycle Management Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines
Non-Disclosure Agreements On-site Staffing and Secondment Outside Counsel Bill Review
Offer Letters Data Room Design and Support Outside Counsel Electronic Billing Controls and Automation
Employee Handbooks RFP Design
Consulting Agreements Market Analysis
Routine Governance Documents